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Teaching skills using videoconferencing tools

by: D-Eva Project

In a context of a course of teacher education delivered online, students must design and run a class in group. The sequence is divided into three steps: 1) design, 2) run and 3) assess.

1) Students organise themselves in groups of four people. Each group designs a 15-minute teaching sequence to be run in front of their classmates. The teaching sequence must be oriented to their learners' target and be defined including: a central topic, learning outputs, grouping, duration, tasks, resources and assessment criteria. The design must be completed in form of a grid. Once the teacher presents the activity, 20 minutes of online tutoring is facilitated in the first session to support students. 

2) The next session (depending on the size of the group this can be extended) is devoted to role-play. Each group must run the designed class by videoconferencing while their classmates and the teacher observe and assess them through a checklist. It is recommended to switch on the camera. All members of the group must perform a part or intervene in the teaching sequence. Some observers have roles to make the session more real and dynamic, for instance: disturbing, participatory, demanding etc. 

3) After each performance, classmates and the teacher give feedback to principal students, and they can respond back. The session is recorded previous agreement. 


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