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Time management skills

by: D-Eva Project

First, we ask from the learners to reflect for how they are spending their time. Taking a good hard look at how they spend their day (especially when working remotely) can give us insights on where time is being wasted. The initial proposal for the whole group of learners is to spend a week “journaling” how their time is spent. This will be accomplished by keeping an online record using Miro board. Miro is a Standard collaboration tool for the traineeship at the Digital Society School, so everyone is familiar with it. At the same time, they have access to their peers’ online records and their tutor has access to this Information. Once they all have integrated their online record for the whole working week, they organize a brainstorming session to reflect on good practices for time management skills. This session ends with “actions” to be taken from each learner to improve their time management skills. After this, and on weekly basis, the students fill in the time management personal online survey and at the end of the semester they reflect with their tutor on the progress made.

Summary of the activity: Activity takes place in big group with individual assignments

Duration: 20 weeks

Methodology: Online collaboration, brainstorming and reflection

Digital solution developed by D-Eva project:

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