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The Debate on Sustainable Development Goals

by: D-Eva Project

Preparation in Advance of the Debate. This activity requires students to have completed preparation in advance of the debate. E.g., to review the SDGs.
The teacher divides the class into 6 groups depending on pros/cons and the scale (local, national and global). Each group will represent a different viewpoint on the debate.
The teacher asks students to prepare the case for their argument as a group. Each group will prepare to present one key point and select a speaker, to support his group’s argument for approximately 1 minute. The group members should seek evidence (data, quotations, etc.) to emphasize their point. Teacher will provide ideas (links, documents, guides etc.) for helping students prepare for the debate.

The SDGs Debate. The teacher has to prepare the setting up for the debate (changing the classroom furniture, providing bottles of water, sheets and charts printed with the 17 SDGs etc.).

The teacher introduces the motion and chairs the debate. The teacher tells the students to listen carefully to all arguments on both sides of the debate as they will be asked about their opinions later. The audience members should make notes of the points they find most convincing as they listen.

After the debate there will be 5 mins to allow the students the opportunity to consider what they have learned after both sides have had a chance to share their findings.

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