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Simulation of a teaching staff meeting at school

by: D-Eva Project

Before the activity, the teacher creates groups of approximately 8 students, trying to keep them balanced and heterogeneous. All students receive information about the procedure and the assessment criteria. At the beginning of the activity, the 8 students and the teacher (or teachers, if there are 2) sit around a table. Then, the teacher presents the case or problem to be solved. Students must discuss it aloud for about 25 minutes, simulating a teacher meeting. 

Students can use a glossary with definitions and theory they have built during the course, as well as blank paper to write down ideas. They can also ask the teacher for information if they need it. When the time is up, in case that a student feels that they have not been able to provide the reflections or arguments they wanted, they can stay an additional 25 minutes to individually present these ideas in writing. The role play is recorded on audio or video.

Digital solution developed by D-Eva project:

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