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Microteaching in Practicum

by: D-Eva Project

Before the activity, the faculty tutor asks the students who are guided by the same tutor from the school to carry out a didactic activity together. The project of the activity will be verified both by the faculty tutor and by the practice tutor. 

The activity will be held online, so it must combine different teaching strategies. It also has to be interactive and have synchronous and asynchronous parts. For the asynchronous parts, the content must be done in a manner that students can accessed it even after the end of the activity. Therefore, it will be requested to make some previously recorded materials that will be designed as sequences of the lesson.

During the activity, peers will collaborate and will play students role. They will also reflect on each part of the lesson so that they could give feedback at the end. The simulated activity for one group will last for 30 minutes. After it, 15 minutes will be dedicated to feedback and assessment. In this sequence it will used shared assessment: firstly, it will be a self-assessment, in which the student assesses their planned and reached output or learning outcomes; in the second step, it will be a peer assessment, where students evaluate their peer’ output, from two perspectives: as students and as critical friends; and thirdly, it will be co-assessment, where school mentor, faculty tutor and students jointly assess the output or learning outcomes.
Digital solution developed by D-Eva project: 

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