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Dig. citizenship as interdisciplinary competence

by: D-Eva Project

Sub Activity 1 – Understanding the main principles of citizenship
Sub Activity 2 – Membership of a community
Sub Activity 3 – The meaning of a good citizen
Sub Activity 4 – How to be a good online citizen
Sub Activity 5 – How to be a good and ACTIVE online citizen 

Summary of the activity (the 5 sub activities):
·       Activity takes place in small groups (family), big group (classes) with individual assignments (i.e., debates), or unknown number for the group (online communities)
·       Duration: 3-4 weeks
·       Methodology: Online collaboration, brainstorming, debate and reflection
·       Risks and opportunities: 
1.     One of the main risks are associated with their parents’ involvement in doing the initial task, due to various reasons: lack of connectivity, lack of time, lack of digital skills etc.
2.     by investigating about citizenship together with their parents they will find out there are some people not connected, excluded from a digital society.

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