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Building daily trust in online settings

by: D-Eva Project

First, we ask from the learners to take the LinkedIn course “2. Daily trust Builders” and the quiz of the course at the end, a more appropriate culturally alternative can be presented. A possible variation for this would be that the teacher creates their own materials, instead of taking the LinkedIn course. Then the coach shares a template with examples on how to prove someone’s reliable, competent, honest, and shows concern for their peers (similar values can be listed depending on the needs). The learners should create a journal where they will be reporting activities and examples from their collaboration with their peers which show growth on the elements that appear in the template. It is expected from the learners to write a new journal entry on a weekly basis. The coach will be providing feedback on these entries and the learners are expected to integrate this feedback in their next entries. At the end of the activity, learners will collect feedback from their peers on how well they managed to demonstrate the skills that appear in the template during their collaboration.

Summary of the activity:

There is a big group meeting (teleconference) for the explanation of the task. Then, learners work on their own journal, interacting with their coach. There is a peer feedback activity at the end.

Duration: 20 weeks (with one new journal entry per week)

Methodology: Autonomous learning, individual feedback (learner-coach) group feedback (peer-to-peer feedback).

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